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Since 1953, a number of scientific studies have been undertaken and proved, that ultrasound destroys bacteria. The ultrasonic devices for dental cleaning and oral hygiene of Emmi-dent benefit from this fact. Acute inflammation of the gums and also in the gums can be cured by using the Emmi-dental devices and further inflammations can be prevented.

2009 the first ultrasonic device for dental cleaning and oral hygiene with 100% Original Ultrasound, Emmi-dent 6, was launched. Since that time it has been continously developed further.

2011 Emmi-dent Professional, the technical further development and improvement of Emmi-dent 6, was launched. 

2014 An again technically improved device, Emmi-dental Metallic, was successfully launched in the market. Also from the optical point of view, the Emmi-dental Metallic is an obvious improvement.

2016 Today, we have launched the premium model, Emmi-dental Platinum. Emmi-dental Platinum is the result of a consequent technical further development and is available for you since spring 2016.

But of course, the ongoing technical development at Emmi-dent won't stop here. Look forward to other innovative and ground-breaking Emmi-dent products with unique selling points.